Boost Analytics with Alternative Data

Clean external data from around the globe into your tech stack

Location Analytics

Integrate data into your BI

Analyze entire cities and areas directly in your BI tool. Discover your blindspots in services and products, and plan your next expansion with ease.
Global socio demographic, economical and POI data.
Always at the highest data quality and granularity.

Data Enrichment

Combine your data with ours

Combine your geo-referenced data directly with ours. Bring them all together into your preferred data warehouse.
Combine your geo-referenced data at maximum speed.
Your data is safe and stays with you the whole time.

Data Science

Improve your Data Science game

Integrate our data pool with features and variables directly into your demand, simulation, or network model.
Thousands of geospatial features instantly accessible for better demand forecasting.
Multi-level aggregations to compare effects on your model in different service areas.

Are you a Data Provider
Or Open Data Platform?

Do not limit yourself to flatfiles and CSVs. Use the Kuwala framework to bring your data directly into your clients' data warehouses.

Add Your Own

Kuwala Data Pool
Fill your blindspots in your data coverage
Enrich your data with POIs
Unbias your data with Kuwala
Your clients' destination


Contribute to our project

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