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How to build an Uber-like intelligence system for your New Mobility Startup without a big data team

Sometime in 2016, car and ridesharing services were suddenly joined by e-scooters, mopeds, and bicycles for rent on the corner. And, of course, more car and ridesharing concepts joined them in the following years. New Mobility startups have set the plan to simplify people’s journeys. While they can make a crucial contribution to lowering emissions […]

Case Studies

Why Instant Grocery Delivery Should Follow a Data-Driven Path Like Uber to Survive (Part 1)

Instant Grocery Delivery is the startup hype of the year in Europe. You select a few groceries via the shopping app, pay via Paypal, and 10 minutes later, a bike courier is at your door with your purchases. It’s a business model that spreads magic among the users. A few months after launch, I know […]


Data Science feels like a fake entrepreneur Coach on YouTube telling me that the future will be bright as long as I believe in myself

Philosophers, politicians, and visionaries are talking about a future in 2030 in which autonomous vehicles will be driving through the streets, cities will be able to adapt efficiently to environmental influences, and digitization will be a crucial tool for operating efficiently and saving resources. The world we live in today is subject to constant technological change. […]